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"Best thing we ever did with our rescue dog. She was hesitant of everyone and wouldn't go up to any new people and would growl at them, no matter how many times she has seen them. I was worried she would become a bite risk so we took her to Brooke at Canine Evolution and she came back with a new mindset. Now we put her in a place command until she is comfortable to around people and she knows when that is. She is a much happier dog and I know I can trust her around people. She is also a great walker on a leash as well. Highly recommend."

-Lynn Klawiter

"The best decision we ever made was bringing our dog Max to Canine Evolution. Max has done a complete 180. Max is now a calm dog that can handle everyday stressors. Brooke is a fantastic trainer that really cares for your dog. I would recommend Canine Evolution to everyone."

-Craig VandeCorput

"Brooke has helped us out with our VERY energetic Aussie Shepard puppy, Winnie, so much. When Winnie was 8 weeks old, we immediately placed her in doggy daycare with Canine Evolution. She was able to conquer all those silly puppy fears like water, other dogs, and separation anxiety while there! Once Winnie was about 4 or 5 months old, we began taking her to formal puppy classes that were structured in a way that made us set aside time each day to sit down and train with her. We now take Winnie to Social Saturday’s each week where we get to practice discipline and self control, traits that are a MUST when you have an energetic and social dog. However, Winnie’s favorite part is when she gets to play/herd the other dogs at the end. Brooke makes sure that she’s always just a text or a phone call away and will always respond in a timely manor to answer any questions you might have. She loves to challenge Winnie (and me) with new tricks she’s found and is ALWAYS willing to help with anything along the way!"

-Katie Hein



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