One on One Lessons

Our one on one lessons are designed to provide you, the owner, the knowledge and tools necessary for you and your dog to live the most happy and stress free life possible. Throughout your one on one lessons you will learn how to teach the basic desired commands to your dog, as well as how to correct any unwanted behaviors. 

Board and Train

Our board and train program is designed to provide dogs with a solid foundation and stable mindset. Throughout your dogs stay with us they will be immersed in our training program and exposed to real world distractions.  Your dog will take field trips to dog friendly stores, parks, hiking trails and any other areas they may struggle. Conquering these experiences will give your dog confidence which in turn, will breed calmness. 

Our board and train programs are not limited to visits to public places; we will address any and all obstacles your dog may be facing and find innovative ways to expand their knowledge and help them thrive.

When your dog returns home they will have confidence in previously stressful situations, as well as a balanced and stable mind. To ensure that you and your dog are communicating properly and living the most happy and stress free life possible, we give free unlimited follow up lessons. We promise to be here every step of the way for the lifetime of your dog.

The board and train programs can vary in length, ranging anywhere from eight days to thirty days. A specific amount of time will be recommended at the time of your consultation. This time frame will be determined based on the severity of the behavioral issue you and your dog are facing. At Canine Evolution we believe that every dog is different, therefore we do not have an exact training program template and can not make recommendations until we are able to meet both you and your dog. Schedule your FREE consultation today!

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