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Brooke Veldt

Owner/Head Trainer

Brooke has always had a passion for animals. At just three years old, she began training and showing dairy cows from her Grandparents farm at the local county fair and then took it upon herself to form a bond with the rest of the animals at the farm, from horses and llamas to goats and pigs. Brooke then began attending dog training classes with her very first dog (a beagle named Ella) at five years old and soaked up as much information as possible. She always knew a career with animals was in her future but was not sure which direction that would take her. Thankfully, while working at a doggy daycare she was fortunate enough to meet a professional dog trainer who shared her success stories of dogs that were about to be put down, to now living happily in a home. After hearing these stories and even seeing some of the dogs going through the training, a career had suddenly chosen Brooke. Since then, she has devoted her time to learning how to best communicate and guide dogs and their owners. Brooke has attended many seminars, worked with other dog trainers, and taught an array of classes at a local dog center. It is her mission to continue evolving into the best version of herself by staying up to date on the most effective techniques of dog training and continuing to educate herself about how dogs learn/communicate. Brooke is looking to change the world...one dog at a time. 


Theodore is a three year old beagle, golden retriever, chow-chow (plus a couple more) mix. Because of his confident personality and natural leading abilities, he has helped many dogs learn how to interact and be comfortable around other dogs. Hopefully, he will get to help many more pups!  


Buck is the friendly face that greets you at Canine Evolution. He is a two year old yellow lab who has been part of our pack since the very beginning. His sweet personality and kind soul is the best medicine after a long day...plus his excellent cuddling skills! 


Kayn is a two year old Belgian malinois who found his home with us in June of 2020.  He has faced many hardships in his short life but continues to persevere and overcome them all. Kayn's enthusiastic outlook on life, despite the things he has been through is inspiring! 


Belle is the newest addition to the Canine Evolution pack. She is a one year old black lab that although is on the petite side, has the personality and mindset of an extra large dog. She is always ready to learn new things, adventure to new places, and try out different activities! 

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